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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Time Is Here!

Chicago put out 2 Christmas albums

Christmas day is the celebration of the birth of the Savior. Christmas is also a season. In the Church, Christmas is a liturgical calendar season lasting 14 days following Advent. In the secular world, Christmas time is a season usually coinciding with the liturgical season, though it seems to end on New years Day.

The love and grace from the holy time of year spreads into the secular world. There is no way around it - it is about sharing and love and doing good for others - those you know and those you don't.
Well, this all brings me to the song "Christmas Time Is Here" written by Vince Guarldi. You remember Vince? He's the jazz pianist who wrote and performed that great music for

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Does Christmas Mean To You? Take The Poll.

What does Christmas mean to YOU?
Ah . . . Christmas! 

Christmas is a BIG holiday around the world. To some, it means material things. To a few, it means spiritual things. To activist atheists, it is a battle cry. To fundamental Muslims, it is a distraction. To others, it is the proverbial "Bah Humbug!"

Let's hone in a little on the concept of the word Christmas. When I say the word "blue", what word do you say immediately? Most people say red. If I say hot you say cold. If I say yes you say no. Well, if I say "Christmas", what do you say? Some may say Easter, others winters, other, still, perhaps, Hanukuk.

Well, if I say "Christmas", what are the first images you think of?

In our sad world, many would say "cars lined up at the mall". Here are some more images:
  • "It's A Wonderful Life film"
  • "Scrooge or Mr. Grinch"
  • "Christmas Trees"
  • "Family meal or visiting relatives"
Others may get these images:
  • "Loneliness"
  • "Loss of a Loved One"
  • "No Money - No Friends - No Love"
  • "Holiday Bonus" or "Day off from work"

The word "Christmas" is a loaded word. It is a single words that evokes thousands of images from memories of the past to plans in the future. With such a volatile word that means so many things to so many people at so many different times in their lives and circumstances, that it's original and true meaning gets lost.

Christmas is the celebratory Mass of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. How many people actually think of the image of the Holy Family looking for a place at an Inn, or the newborn lying in a manger? 

Christmas is more than one day
How many think beyond the baby that was born and actually see that Christmas image of God-become-man, let alone why he did what he did? 

Nevertheless, I am not making a sad commentary on the state of the world and people's thoughts about Christmas. I just wanted people to think a little about the word. Yes, it is buying gifts. Yes it is hectic and stressful time of the year. Yes it evokes plenty of memories, good and bad. Most of all, it is about the birth of Christ, first and foremost and although many may not share that same belief it is nevertheless true.

So for fun, I have attached a poll on this page to the right. Kindly, but honestly, answer the question "What does the word "Christmas" bring to mind?" Don't feel bad about your answer, either. There's always time to put it all in perspective.

So, will you have a "White Christmas" or a "Blue Christmas"? will the Grinch steal your Christmas or will Mr. Scrooge surprise you all? Will you remember that Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ?


To help you remember the true meaning of Christmas, I am giving you 2 FREE downloads:

"This Christmas Tree's For You" and "This Is the Birth" (they can be downloaded for free - see above this blog entry.)

As I mentioned in my two previous posts Alone For Christmas? and This Christmas Tree's For you, these are two songs that are musically diametrically opposed to each other. One song is a jazz-singed R&B song and the other a simple acoustic guitar song. One song is about the birth of Christ and the other is about the symbolic Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree song was recorded in 1996 (remixed this year), The music to the Birth song was written in 1996 as well, the lyrics this year and the song was newly recorded in November 2013. I really appreciate your comments on these songs and hope you do enjoy them. Download them and insert them into your mix of favorite Christmas songs.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Alone For Christmas?

Will you be alone this Christmas? Not many visitors or feeling left out? 

Well, the Holy Family may have felt the same way over 2000 years ago. Left out, perhaps alone even though they had each other.

But the undercurrent is utter JOY! Surrounded by unseen angels and watched over by God, Mary and Joseph, wait in anticipation of the birth of the Son of God, Savior to mankind. This fact alone should comfort anyone who is alone this Christmas for your angel watches over you and God is with you.

You see, Christmas is not about shopping or decorations or parties or the hustle and bustle. It is not what the world wants you to think it is. It is not about you or me or gift giving or that "special time of the year". It is about the birth of our Lord who came to save you from sin and bring you to eternal happiness.

Take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and thank God for giving you a second chance to holiness and happiness. You are not alone.

About "This Is The Birth"

The music to this song was written 1996 and the current lyrics went through five different renditions. The final words written in November 2013. I originally anticipated the song to be more jazz (with organ and bass and a choir) than its current form. I opted for a simple acoustic number with vocals and some additional electric mood guitar.   The loneliness of the guitar seemed to matched the mood for a "Christmas Alone" type of message.

There are three verses to the song. The first verse concerns the three wise men on their journey - can you relate to a journey you may be on? The second verse concerns an ordinary place and ordinary day, yet here is the Virgin Mary - a miracle and the child who is the King of Kings. The final verse expounds more on the mystery of what happened because Mary said 'yes' and the Creator became a baby to save the world.

This song is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on the page for a limited time. It was delayed because I had other obligations so you should be able to download it through January 6, 2014 gratis.

For contrast, listen to my "This Christmas Tree's For You", also available as a free download for a limited time through this page or Soundcloud.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steve & Eydie Christmas Music - That Holiday Feeling

NOTE: It was sad to see the loss of Eydie Gorme. A big pop star of her own, she was the wife of pop star Steve Lawrence. Eydie passed away in August 2013 and if you go here, you can listen to Steve sing about his wife and also see a photo tribute :

Now this Christmas, we won't have Eydie, but we do have their legacy - their music.

Although Steve was not a Christian, his wife was and so back in 1964 they released a Christmas album which features them singing duets and solo. The album is called "That Holiday Feeling" and some years ago (90's?) the CD also included a bonus track (Baby, It's Cold Outside - the best version you will ever hear).

I loved listening to this record since I was a kid. The orchestration was great, Steve sings his heart out and Eydie pours out her more soulful vibes. Here is an album that not only delivered great Christmas season music but presented songs done deeply in love. Listening to the duets, you realize this is about two people in love and having a good time, sharing a life together. Is it no wonder why my wife and I always loved singing along and over-playing these songs. So, not only is this a Christmas album, it's a love song album.

Steve and Eydie were married for 55 years and this Christmas CD captures the bond that kept them together. Not many female singers come close to Eydie's prowess these days, and Steve's voice is unmatched, he in the league of Sinatra, Crosby and Como.

The album is nostalgic, yet rarely played on adult contemporary radio. That's too bad - I've got my CD and we play it every Christmas.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Christmas Tree's For You -for FREE!

Don't Have a Blue Christmas -
Have a Beautiful Christmas!
This Christmas Tree’s For You

Free Christmas Gift

you can download (Limited Time only)

I wanted to share a song I recorded back in 1997 with you. This is a special gift I’m giving to anyone free of charge because it’s getting close to Christmas. You can download this song from Soundcloud.         
I will allow anyone to get this through January 6, 2014, gratis.

About the song This Christmas Tree’s For You:

This song was originally recorded back in 1997 in Chicago and was never released anywhere as it sat as a demo on tape. I’ve just remixed it for mp3, cleaned it up and have it ready for your listening experience. How about that?? - A 70's style song written in the 90's and made magically digital in this the 21st Century!

On this particular song, not only do I play some guitar fills, I also play all of the keyboards (organ and synthesizer). Actually, the keys are the lead instrument and not guitar, which is unusual for me. Mark Farner was a big influence in taking a breather from heavy guitar and getting into some funky keys. Think "Foot Stompin' Music" you old timers.

This song is one of those timeless-type of R & B songs that gets you going. It’s a groovy tune with a groovy message – not your traditional mall-song. I also had a longer alternate version sans vocals (and with some handclapping) but this one stands up on its own.

The lyrics are obviously Christ-centered. What good is singing about a Christmas tree unless that tree happens to be the tree that held up Christ? And the star on top – symbolic of the Nativity star but more representative about the “Star of Stars” who is the Light of Light.

Well, I can understand many of our anti-Christian and atheist friends booing this song, but hey, what’s Christmas really about (Jesus Christ? J). The “Christmas” Tree is for them, if they’re willing to accept it.

Next year I hope to have a fully produced video for the song. 

Yeah it’s not sacred music and yeah it’s not some sappy secular “holiday” song but it is a song with a message and a good groove. I left out the standard “jingle bells” everyone else is using in this mix.

This is one of two freebies “Santa” Lattin is giving you this year, not because you’ve been naughty or nice but because I want to get this stuff into your ears and get a message into your heart.

If you want the lyrics, email me.

The next freebie is Christ-centered too, but not as ‘pop-ish’. It is an acoustic guitar song with some special 6 string playing by yours truly and it’s a song you can sing along with as well. It will be released in a day or two.

Here is where you can download This Christmas Tree's For You!
Or just be lazy like me and scroll down to the widget. Looks pretty cool, huh?

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas Tree’s For You ©1997 R. Lattin. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Robert Lamm At It Again (This time With Buddy Jason Scheff)

It looks like Robert Lamm (of the group Chicago) is at it again. He's making more and more music - it's hard to keep up with him!

So, while perusing Sound Cloud, we came across this demo song he sings with Jason Scheff. Their voices blend together beautifully, however I love the new guitar sound that accompanies the verses, as well as the enhanced "fiesta" percussion.

So here's what I'm playin' now ---- Home Demo (not the official name, of course)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Expand Your Music Collection

It's time for some serious talk about music. I've collected thousands of records, tapes, CD's, mp3's over the years. I've expanded my music appreciation by doing this. For one thing, radio is very limited and you tube, is well, you tube.

So, as an affiliate of Amazon I am sharing some stuff that I like that you might like. Can you buy this stuff without me? Sure! But while you're here reading and visiting my blogs it would be nice for you to expand your music collection through my links.

It's no secret - your little purchases can keep my blog up. It also tells me not to give up on people when it comes to music selection. somebody out there has got to like Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan as much as I do.

NEW: I've added another page to this site which takes you directly to my Music, Game and Sports Emporium. Browse through it and if you find something you like - then by all means make your purchase.

The link is at the tab at the top under Cool Music Shop; also here ---- Rob Lattin's Music, Game & Sports Emporium

Here's a banner of other stuff as well:


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robert Lamm of Chicago Doin' Business

I pulled this song out to share as it is one of my favorites. Most Robert Lamm songs - where he is the lead vocalist - are the better songs “Chicago” has recorded or performed. I like “Chicago” - I love horn rock and Mexican music so for all the rock purists out there, horns become the icing on the cake for a lot of songs. However, I'm sharing this song because I love RL's voice and I like his message. Normally, I don't care for his left leaning politics, but I think this song captures what many a musician has experienced: business over takes making music.

 Don't get me wrong, people get into music for different reasons. Some get into music merely for fame and fortune, some make a transistion from acting to singing, some got into it for the drugs, and some got into it because they love making music. That last one is where I think Robert Lamm comes from.

One of the many difficult things to deal with in music is handling the record executives, the critics, the club owners, the agents, the travel, the finance, etc, etc and etc. Do not forget the difficulty in dealing with other band members. “Chicago” is a band that dealt and thrived with mounting tension from various members and their egos.

Here is a band, though, where RL was obviously the most gifted to be the lead front man but band tension caused the group to be "democratic". Democratic in the sense that they had to let other members contribute their own songs, sometimes at the expense of making a great album a bargain bin staple. It's no wonder many of their albums have high and LOW spots.

 Anyway, the song "Doin Business" was cut from the commercial album Chicago XIV, (or what is XII?) perhaps it was too cynical or critical of the music business. Maybe the horn guys nixed it because they were tired of Robert’s criticism, although well-founded.

Nevertheless, it is the best song on the album it was never on. It actually first appeared on a boxed compilation set on CD. That’s whe I first heard it and said to myself “What gives? How come this wasn’t on the album – surely it would have made the Top 40?”

  "Where'd they go? Tell me, where did my dreams go . . . doin' business?"
– Robert Lamm, "Doin' Business"


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monster Movie Marathon Tips For Halloween - Revisited

I wrote this blog several years ago, and so in the spirit of Halloween, here is a replay

Monster Movie Marathon Tips for Halloween

I used to go to monster movie marathons all the time. Then they went out of fashion for a while. A worker of mine alerted me that he had been visiting similar marathans for a couple of years but the list of flicks they played were not my cup of blood (tea, that is for you squeamish types).

I thought it was high time that folks would be conducting their own home monster movie marathans. You can stop the movie if you think it stinks or gets too boring, you could fast forward to the cool scenes, you can even blend movies together or even add your own humorous comments to them.

Having this party at home allows you to be very creative, but you do need to put some serious thought into it so you can satisfy your ghoulish guests and ghosts.

Click on the above link to go to my Hub page for some sound advice on movie selection, arrangement, et al.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know. Halloween comes but once a year, but why not have a marathon twice or more per year. Keep the spirit of movie monsters alive - Dr. Frankenstein would be pleased.

Don't forget Monster Music!
For a spooky-or-funny sound, check out Circus Clowns from the Grave


Monday, September 9, 2013

Rusty Day's Brother Bill - A Detroit Favorite

One of my favorite singers when it comes to classic blues rock is Rusty Day. Rusty Day who had a very interesting music career being a replacement singer for John Drake in the Amboy Dukes, a replacement for Mitch Ryder in the Detroit wheels is best known for his singing for the American Led Zeppelin group, Cactus.

Now all the young folks out there never probably heard of him, yet his singing and playing is a major influence on many big name (at one time) acts. Van Halen was influenced by Cactus in no small part to Rusty. AC DC wanted him to replace Bonn Scott but I believe Rusty was tired of being a replacement singer.As a side note, I think he sings Howlin' Wolf's "Evil" better than the Wolf himself. On that cut, Rusty shows his influence and admiration for a blues artist who is now forgotten in a world of American Idol and Lady Gaga.Personally, I also see Rusty's influence in such former great bands as Foghat and John Mellenkamp.

One thing is that he was a soulful singer who sang blues better than rock, which is rare. He never would have made it as a high screamer like those singers in the pop 80's Metal bands and definitely not in the voice manipulated screamers in Death Metal and similar sounds. Which is sad - the youth generation is not getting any real music. Another case in point is that Rusty was a musician and a fine harmonica player. This too is a rarity and unfortunate for current music listeners. I bet most American kids under the age of 25 don't know what a harmonica is, especially when it is referred to as a "harp".

Rusty never really fit in with the original Amboy Dukes musically. Ted Nugent had a hard rock vision for the band, Steve Farmer probably had a "3 Dog Night" vision for them and of course Rusty was blues. So his stint with the Dukes did not last, besides other personality reasons. He found his home with friend Jim McCarty of Buddy Miles Express and the brain team behind the Vanilla Fudge - Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert.

His career with Cactus is short but so memorable as the tunes he belted out have no equal today. When is comes singing blues and hard rock, Rusty was one of my main influences to this day, and it's unfortunate that he was killed as I have no chance to thank him for his music.

In honor of Rusty Day's death, here is a live recording of him singing Brother Bill (if you know the lyrics, you'll see the appropriateness of my selection.) Here he is with Steve Gaines:


Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Song Uploaded

Hey everyone -- I just uploaded another song. THis one is titled "Voices and Visions". You can hear it below or go to my Reverbnation store to buy it. The store has a higher quality sound for portable gizmos.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Believe It or Not!

Nothing new in the music department here as I am still waiting for my co-singer to finish up her tracks. Once she is done I will have about ten songs to share either here, on Sound Cloud or Reverbnation.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this with you:

I wanted to have a little fun so I wrote this article showing the flip side of the coin - Instead of being defensive of believing in Creation I wrote an article on the defense of choosing NOT to believe in evolutionism. Hopefully, creationists find the underlying humor of it and perhaps atheists and evolutionists will just scratch their heads (like their primate ancestors before them.)

How I Became An Unbeliever (In Evolutionism)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Beautiful Blues - Chicago Style

Just a quickie note: Went to spend some time in Chicago at the annual Chicago Blues Fest in Grant Park The weather cooperated so it was extremely beautiful and the music was extremely uplifting. Anyone notice anything different about the Buckingham Fountain? Hey, if anyone went drop a line and tell me what you think about this class-act event.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Israel Houghton | The Power Of One | Unplugged

Good song - check it out. Reminds me a bit of Bill Withers. 
Obviously a little different than my stuff but just as groovy!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My King Sampler

Check out this sampler Sampler of My King featuring the intro, verse-chorus, and most of the solo. It's an amalgamtion of acoustic, hard rock, jazz and a bit of blues guitar. Lyrics are a reflection of my God and what he did and suffered. Hey, if you like this sampler or have questions or comments, send me an email.


"Wonderful Life" 1967 1997 Abominabl Snowman AC DC acoustic ads Albert King album alice cooper allman brothers Amazon amboy dukes American Idol analog anthem Arie Crown art atheists athists Bad Company bands barbeque bass guitar Beach Boys beatles belief Berlin biker Bill Champlin Billboard Billy Preston Bing black sabbath blog Blogger Blondie Blue Christmas blues Bob May Buddy Miles business cactus cannibals CD CD Baby Charlemagne Charlie Brown Chicago Christ christmas chrystal paige circus Classic Rock clowns Cortez creationism Crosby dance david bowie Davidson Deep Purple design detroit digital dinner dio disco Doobie Brothers Dr. Smith dreams drums Elton John elvis Elvis presley Emerson Emerson Lake and Palmer evolution evolutionism eydie gorme Facebook Fantom fantom phactory Farner faust Feliz Navidad Feud Fire of Love foghat Frank Sinatra frankenstein game German Glen Campbell God Grand Funk grave Grinch guest bloggers wanted guitar guitarist Hall and Oates halloween Happy Dude hard rock Harley Heart heavy metal heroes hip history holiday Holy Family horns horror Humbug ice ice quakes Ides information inspiration instrumental interview ireland iron butterfly iron maiden Irving Jason Scheff jazz jeff beck jim mccarty jingle bells joe bonamassa John Kay John Lawton joke Joni Mitchell kervorkian Lady Gaga Lake Lamm Lattin Led Zeppelin lessons lober lonely Lost In Space Lucifer's Friend lyrics malibu mark lindsay McCartney Meghan Trainor Memphis Rain metal Mexican Michael Jackson Miley Cyrus Mitch Ryder monkees monster moody blues motor city movies mp3 music music player musician musicians mustang my space nirvana Noise Floor nugent One Direction organ overdubs Palmer paul revere pearl jam peterik Phactory pioneer popular prog rock radio rap music recording records reverbnation Rick Springfield rick wakeman Rob Lattin Robert Lamm Robin Trower roblattin Robot rock rory gallagher Rusty Day Sam Ash Santa scary scorpions screamo Scrooge Silent Night sinatra snow snowblind song songs songs Ted Nugent Sonic sound cloud soundgarden soundtrack spooky sports Stanby Steeley Dan Steely Dan Steppenwolf steve gaines steve lawrence Styx Survivor Suzanne Cooke Suzi Quatro. Sheryl Crow tears for fears Ted Nugent Temptations The Who themes Three Stooges Todd Rundgren Tommy Shaw Top 40 Top 5 tree TV ufo unusual Uriah Heep Van Halen vanilla fudge video Vince Guarladi War White Christmas winter woodsman Word Press yes you tube YouTube ZZ Topp
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